simon max hill

Untitled Macon Blair Project


Ruth Kimke is suffering from an existential crisis: consumed by fears that the world is doomed and humanity is worthless, she can barely perform her job as a nursing assistant.

When she comes home one day to find that her house has been burglarized, she’s further distressed by the apathetic police response. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she begins investigating the crime herself and soon joins forces with her obnoxious martial-arts enthusiast neighbor, Tony.

After a series of escalating conflicts with various seedy characters, they’re able to recover Ruth’s missing items but doing so has placed them on an unavoidable collision course with a gang of psychotic thieves who have one big final score in sight.

Now forced to confront the exact kind of chaos she’d been fearing all along, Ruth will have to summon previously untapped reserves of courage if she’s going to save Tony’s life and her own.

Sides (right-click to download)

Young Mother
Woo Girl
Push Up Boy
Police Officer
Old Man
Mrs Hambles Son
Dan 2
Dan 1
Cesar 2
Mrs Hamble
Jana 2
Jana 1
Donkey Dick