simon max hill



Daphne, a young African-American woman in Portland, travels to the Coast with her white boyfriend, Roger, when inherits his childhood beach house from his father, who stipulates that his fortune will only go to Roger’s heir, if he has one.

When they decide to marry and have a child to win his full inheritence, Daphne slowly learns that Roger has a darker past than he thought, including a troubled relationship with a strange local woman, Susanna.


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Character Descriptions


Angela has toiled her whole life for her daughter, spending decades working long hours for an abusive employer. And now her daughter Daphne is… grown up. Or at least an adult. Adult enough to make mistakes – including a secret relationship she’s hiding for reasons Angela can’t suss out. Angela has a lot on her plate: working in her retirement, the inevitable indignities of age. And now there’s something going on with Daphne. Angela would sort it out in a day if she had the time, or the energy, but she just hasn’t been able to sit Daphne down and get the truth out of her.

[MAJOR SUPPORTING ROLE — Approx 15 work days]
Roger grew up charming, handsome and rich. If only his dad weren’t such an asshole, he’d have basically the perfect life. Well, when dad died it seemed like things were set: he’d inherit the big house, the big money and maybe even use his ownership of the companies to get a President position and quit bartending. Let’s be honest, bartending forever was never the plan.

[MAJOR SUPPORTING ROLE — Approx 5-6 work days]
Beautiful, bored and… startled. Susanna lives in her hometown on the coast, seeing the same coast faces all Winter long, and then the same rush of anonymous tourist all Summer. Except – Susanna’s boyfriend, Roger, from a high school summer fling is back on the coast. He got her pregnant and dumped her like a pregnant potato back then, so why should she care if he’s still attracted to her? Roger also has a beautiful girlfriend with her – should Susanna let Roger’s relationship get in the way of anything?



[SUPPORTING ROLE –Approx 2 work days]
As the longtime legal representative of Roger’s father, Zorn has handled more than a few legal, ethical and moral obstacles for the family. Her work is normally at the inhuman scale of international corporate law, but out of loyalty to the Estate, she’s personally handling the execution of the will. She wields the force of the law with poised confidence.


[DAY PLAYER — Approx 2 work days]
Chad is ready to leave the coast. There’s nothing to do here, other than sometimes during summer when you can pick up a tourist to fuck. But he’s got to work at the grocery store to save up the money to leave, and the money never seems to pile up very fast, because buying tourist girls beer isn’t cheap, man.


[DAY PLAYER — Approx 2 work days]
The clerk meets a lot of women from cities in her job, and has always enjoyed talking to them. The coast is stultifying, intellectually, and these women are a lifeline to a broader world. That said, she doesn’t want to leave – cities are unsafe, frightening and loud. This is her place, forever.


[DAY PLAYER– Approx 1 work day]
Living on the coast has been a boon to the Minister. Out here, it isn’t institutions that conspire to hold you down or boss you around – it’s individual people. Well, the Minister has a lifetime of shutting down any person who wants to tell her what to do. Freedom isn’t easy, and gravity pulls plenty, but the Minister is happy to share the hard joy of independence with anyone in need of spiritual guidance.


[SUPPORTING ROLE — Approx 3 work days]
Working as one of the only two homicide detectives in a 150 mile radius felt really exciting 10-20 years ago, but Gray felt the romance leave him years ago. Now he strives to deliver efficient, workmanlike justice. He does his job, but expecting him to spend more days away from home than are necessary, just because detectiving is exciting? Not likely.

[SUPPORTING ROLE– Approx 3 work days]
Working as one of the only two homicide detectives in a 150 mile radius is amazing. All the people in these small towns has stories, secrets – and they deserve justice. Green is glad he isn’t stuck in an overwhelmed department in a big city – coastal policing has it’s own special flavor and underbelly. He’s dedicated to serving the fishing towns and tourist villages with every bit of energy he has – and whatever he can wring out of his more experience, but less enthusiastic partner.