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Thank you for sending us your photos for the GMC project. Client has reviewed and selected you – but the final hurdle is convincing them that you won’t freeze up/get weird during the photoshoot.

I know – you provided great pics already that sorta prove that! But clients are clients, so here’s what we need:



Please send us the following three videos:

1) SLATE: State your name, city of residence, and talent agent (if applicable). This should be a medium shot of your head and torso. 

2) Medium shot (waist or stomach up): Action is loading camping gear into the bed of a pickup truck. You can use a kitchen table or any medium-height surface. The specific gear is not important. We’d like to see a neutral face, as if you were alone and having no particular troubles with the gear. Please no dialogue, speaking or editorializing on the activity.

3) Same shot as above, but unloading now. During unloading, one of the items should be heavy, but not unmanageable. Don’t overact.


We have a number of ways you can send us your files.

1. You can select them with the uploader below, and the files will go straight to us. IF the files are quite large (as video files can be) you will need to be very patient with waiting for them to upload and not navigate away from the page. I suggest uploading on wifi, with your phone plugged into a power source.

2. You can send them to via WeTransfer

3. You can use Youtube or Vimeo to send us the files. Please make sure that A. you do not name GMC anywhere on your video post. B. Your video is publicly viewable and if on Vimeo, downloadable.


Next Steps:

We will contact you for callbacks if you are selected! 


Please email us as if you have questions or experience problems submitting.