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CLEMENTINE is a feature film that simply and cinematically explores the cyclical nature of relationships and a rarely seen Lolita-like dynamic between two women. Equal parts psychological drama and sexual coming-of-age story, Clementine is a tense rumination on who to love and how to let go.

Unable to let go of her failing relationship with an older and more successful woman, KAREN, 29, stows away to  her estranged lover’s lake house in a remote and beautiful forest in the Pacific Northwest. Here she meets LANA, a provocative young girl of indeterminate age, hell-bent on moving to California and cultivating an identity that  lives up to her expectations of the world outside of her shitty little town. Lana’s yarns captivate Karen as Karen tries to figure out who she is and who she’ll become outside of an all-consuming relationship.

The narrative follows the development of Lana and Karen’s complex attachment. As Karen grapples with her past and expectations for the future, her relationship with Lana oscillates between that of friends, mother/daughter, sisters, lovers, beholder and beheld.

The film aspires to simply but cinematically explore the cyclical nature of relationships as well as a rarely seen Lolita-like dynamic between two women. Equal parts psychological drama and sexual coming-of-age story, Clementine is a tense rumination on who to love and how to let go.


LANA –  Hell-bent on getting to California, becoming a famous actress, and living an interesting life outside of her small town. She’s just started to understand the power her sexuality holds over men, but Karen poses a new challenge that goes beyond simple seductions. Lana begins to experiment with increasingly elaborate yarns to earn Karen’s affection while also hoping to prove her worth as an actress. 

BEAU – Beau is an overtly masculine handy man hired by D. to maintain the lake house in her absence. Beau is quiet, skeptical, and enjoys making Karen uncomfortable with his presence and casually homophobic tendencies. He likes Lana and wants to see how far he can go with her, but unlike the women around him, Beau doesn’t play games.

KAREN – Karen is raw, angry, and unhinged. She’s at the tail end of an all-consuming, emotionally manipulative relationship with an older and much more successful woman. Once seen as the the exciting, young lover full of energy and promise, now Karen finds herself older, overlooked, and embittered; her ambition and sense of self have all but deteriorated. She’s caught between two visions of herself – the young, wide-eyed admirer she used to be, and the old, successful cynic she’s terrified to become.


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Lara Jean Gallagher – Writer/Director

Lara Jean Gallagher is a writer and director originally from rural Pennsylvania where she was raised on a steady stream of television, polka, processed food, and wooded warfare with her three sisters. Her work focuses on small towns, dysfunctional families, and the kind of humor and relationships that are only possible when everything else is screwed up. Her shorts and music videos have screened at SXSW, Palm Springs Shortfest, Mill Valley, Portland International, DC Shorts, and online via Pitchfork, Spin, Rolling Stone, and NPR, among others. Lara earned her Directing MFA (with honors!) from Columbia University and was named one of IFP’s 2015 Emerging Storytellers. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon where she started thePortland Chapter of Film Fatales and is developing a feature film with the support of the Venice Biennale College.

Karina Ripper – Producer

Karina Ripper is a first-generation Mexican-American and former Texan, where she studied film production at the University of North Texas while hustling nights in a newsroom as a floor director and camera operator. In New York City, she worked on television series productions for National Geographic WILD and the Discovery Channel. Her most recent short film, The Child and The Dead (Producer, Co-Director) screened at the 2016 Mill Valley, Maryland, St. Louis, Indie Memphis Film Festivals, and received the award for best short at the Bend Film Festival and Oregon Independent Film Festivals. She works as a producer and post supervisor on commercial campaigns for clients such as Nike and Adidas and most recently was an Associate Producer on Beware the Slenderman, a feature length documentary for HBO Films that premiered in 2017.

Aimee Lynn Barneburg – Producer

An independent producer based in Portland, Oregon, Aimee Lynn Barneburg got her start working in Los Angeles on large-scale film productions under veteran writer/director Garry Marshall. Since then, Aimee Lynn has UPM’d independent feature films and produced numerous projects ranging from short films and music videos to multimillion dollar ad campaigns for leading global brands such as Nike, Adidas, Amazon and Google. She is a story- driven producer able to work within a variety of budgets and locations having shot all over the U.S., as well as in Europe and Asia. Most recently, Aimee Lynn was the Producer of Tommy Harden’s short film Passage (Cannes Short Film Corner) and the Associate Producer on Andrew Haigh’s latest film, Lean On Pete, distributed by A24 and releasing worldwide later this year.

Davis Priestley – Producer

Davis Priestley has a long background in storytelling. Starting in Los Angeles, he has worked as an Assistant Director, UPM, Line Producer, and Producer for many film and TV projects. Select credits include the independent feature The Auteur, (Tribeca premiere), the interactive web film TheBuild, Gus Van Sant’s Paranoid Park, Craig Lucas’ The Dying Gaul, HBO’s Entourage, Tommy Harden’s short film Passage (Cannes Short Film Corner),and the Emmy nominated Bravo series Project Runway. As a member of the development team at Mythgarden, Davis also helped produce Save Me (Sundance premiere). His background also includes extensive corporate and commercial production for clients such as Nike, Google, Cartoon Network, Adobe, and Audi, as well as several live-event projects with music talents like Madonna and Paul McCartney. He founded a production company in Oregon in 2013 and serves as President and Executive Producer.