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Based on Portland novelist Peter Rock’s novel of the same title, MY ABANDONMENT is the story of thirteen-year- old Caroline and her father, Will, who are found living in Forest Park, a temperate rainforest abutting the city of Portland, Oregon. When authorities pluck them from their hidden world, where they lived peacefully and practically, Caroline and Will must embark on an increasingly erratic journey in search of a place to call their own.


Based on Portland novelist Peter Rock’s novel of the same title, MY ABANDONMENT is the story of thirteen-year-old Caroline and her father, Will who are found living in Forest Park, a temperate rainforest abutting the city of Portland, Oregon.  

In their more than four years living in the park Will has been able to create a stable and loving environment for Caroline, homeschooling her and teaching her how to be self-sufficient. Their interactions with society are limited to the basics of survival and trips to the library until one day a runner discovers their camp.  Will and Caroline are taken into custody by social services, where their relationship and way of life is scrutinized.

In a progressive move by social services, the two are relocated to a horse farm on the outskirts of Portland where Caroline can attend public school and Will can earn a modest living. The transition for them both is tough and Will starts to feel monitored and manipulated into living a way that feels forced upon him. He feels his ideals and morals are eroding, and his need to live off the grid comes creeping back.

Caroline sees things differently and as she is coming into her own, she starts to want a place to land and to try school. She makes a few friends her own age and sees a life for herself outside of Forest Park. But as her roots start to deepen at the horse farm, Will’s start to come undone, and one morning they leave without a trace.

Fueled by fear and paranoia, Will isn’t sure where to take Caroline and in a series of poorly planned moves they wind up in the snowy mountains of Oregon trying to find a place to call their own. With his judgment clouded by his own need for solace, Will and Caroline find themselves in the middle of nowhere without the proper gear and in danger. Caroline is forced to step up and use the skills her dad has taught her to get them out of a life and death situation.

When they land in a friendly community full of folks not too different from themselves, Caroline finds that she may have to make a choice about how she wants to live. As spring comes, it becomes apparent to her that perhaps what she wants and what her father needs may be down two separate paths.