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Hey there! Welcome to the submission page for the “Hairy Time” PSA – the one looking for grizzled people with beards and facial hair. If you’re on this page looking for another project, you’re in the wrong place!

This page has everything you need to submit for the project – except for your info and media, of course. Once you submit, our client will review your media and decide if they want to hire. At that point we’ll reach out to your talent rep, or if you don’t have one, directly to you to hire. If you’re curious about the status of the project, you can check on it at our Now Casting page.

We also have a reference video, to get a sense of the director’s past work:
1st deadline: Friday Feb 10
2nd deadline: Sunday Feb 12


To be considered for the project, you’ll need follow the steps below:
1) Get your media in order – see the list below for the media you’ll need to submit. A cell phone is the ideal device for this – we’re not looking for a pro photo shoot!

[PHOTO] Photo of your face showing your current facial hair situation
[PHOTO] Photo of you from head to toe
[PHOTO or VIDEO] You are at a funeral of yet another friend, taken by Tetanus too young. Hold back the grief as best you can. Tears are okay but not mandatory. If you want to say a few words, that’s ok. If not, we respect silence as well.
[OPTIONAL] Additional media of yourself – photos, reels, additional takes of the above scene etc

2) Double check that you have all the media requested above, because the form will not accept your submission without all required media.
3) submit your media+info to us! Use the link below to do so.



Quick FAQ about the submissions link:
If you don’t fill out all required text fields + upload all required media, your submission will be rejected by the system.
It works best with Google Chrome on a Mac. It usually works with PCs phone / tablets as well, but we haven’t tested it extensively on those platforms.
If you are submitting long videos, the upload could take minutes. You should see a little “upload progress” indicator somewhere on the page.
You should get a confirmation of upload success, either a green banner along the top or a page that says “Submission Accepted!”

Project Info

PAY: $2500 session+use
SHOOT DATE: March 10, 2023
CALLBACKS: Feb 14, 2023
SHOOT LOCATION: Near Portland, OR (up to 2 hours drive)
TRAVEL:  Travel days paid at $250/day. Lodging, mileage and per diem covered by production.
USAGE: Web/Digital/Social, Cable, Connected TV

Next Steps:

We will contact you for callbacks if you are selected! Word of that should go out on Feb 13 (12th if we’re lucky.)
Questions? Email, subject line: HAIRY TIME (and your problem in a few words)


First off, try this workaround

1. Fill out THIS FORM (it’s the submission form, but doesn’t request any media)
2. Share your media with us via WeTransfer or Dropbox (or other file sharing site) to Please be sure to tell us your full name when you submit, so we can manually connect this media to the form you just filled out!
3. If either step 1 or step 2 fails for you, email us at – include your name, the name of the project and ‘submission problem’ in the subject line