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Hi there! Welcome to the submission page for TRASH BABY! If you are looking for another project, you’re in the wrong place!


TRASH BABY is a coming-of-age drama that follows 12-year-old Stevie as she navigates growing up, getting out, and the art of finding beauty in the ugliest of places. We are currently set to shoot in Summer of 2023 in and around Portland, OR.
This Oregon-based film is written and directed by Jacy Mairs, a fellow trailer park kid and Oregonian. Staying true to its roots, this project will be produced in the Pacific Northwest by a cast and crew primarily composed of Oregon talent.

Please note: This is an R-rated motion picture containing adult themes, hard language, smoking, drinking and depictions of violence.


Jacy Mairs is a multifaceted artist currently residing in Portland, Oregon. With a long history working in the commercial world as a one-stop shop producer, she has led campaigns and shot for clients such as Google, Canva, and Nike. Jacy is also the owner of local production company, Ryko Films, which focuses on artists, brands, and intimate moments. Here she has produced music videos for artists such as Two Neighbors, Alanna Weir and the Half Talls, and Pasha Mordena, while also producing a handful of short films.
Jacy has worked on an array of narrative features for studios such as Amazon and A24, with recent work as Associate Producer for Director Alex Lehmann’s film, Acidman, which went on to premiere at Tribeca. The film was later named the Grand Jury winner at Dallas International Film Festival, Naples International Film Festival, and Audience Award winner at the American Film Festival.


For this 1st round, we will be grabbing some basic info from you, as well as a couple of pictures and a 30 second personality video. You will submit these things at the link below!

After we receive submissions, production will decide who they would like to contact for an audition! If you are called back for an audition, we will email you with more information on how to submit your self-tape!

Please note: we receive a lot of submissions for films and simply do not have enough time to contact every single person who is not picked. If you do not hear from us, please don’t take it to heart! If the director wants you to audition through a self tape, you will absolutely hear from us through email.



Quick FAQ about the submissions link:
If you don’t fill out all required text fields + upload all required media, your submission will be rejected by the system.
It works best with Google Chrome on a Mac. It usually works with PCs phone / tablets as well, but we haven’t tested it extensively on those platforms.
If you are submitting long videos, the upload will take minutes. You should see a little “upload progress” indicator somewhere on the page.
You should get a confirmation of upload success, either a green banner along the top or a page that says “Submission Accepted!”

DEADLINE: June 7th

Project Info

PAY: $175/day
Union Members: Pay for union members is scale for the SAG-AFTRA Ultra Low Budget contract ($216/day.)
SHOOT DATE: June 28th – July 28th,2023(subject to change)
SHOOT LOCATION: in/around Portland, OR

Next Steps:

Once we have your video, it’ll be reviewed by our director and producers and if they like you, we’ll reach out for an audition. Auditions will be through self tapes!


If either of the above steps fail for you, email us at – include your name, the name of the project you’re submitting on, and put ‘submission problem’ in the subject line.


Please email us at if you have questions.